Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Enabling Modular Design of an Application-Level Auto-Scaling and Orchestration Framework using TOSCA-based Application Description Templates

2019. Deslauriers, J., Kiss, T., Pierantoni, G., Gesmier, G. and Terstyanszky, G. - 11th International Workshop on Science Gateways, IWSG

Secure Cloud-based Platform to Host Healthcare Applications.

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MiCADO-Microservice-based Cloud Application-level Dynamic Orchestrator.

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A Cloud-agnostic Queuing System to Support the Implementation of Deadline-based Application Execution Policies.

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Towards a Deadline-Based Simulation Experimentation Framework using Micro-Services Auto-Scaling Approach.

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High Speed Simulation Analytics.

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Extending Molecular Docking Desktop Applications with Cloud Computing Support and Analysis of Results.

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The CloudSME Simulation Platform and its Applications: A Generic Multi-cloud Platform for Developing and Executing Commercial Cloud-based Simulations.

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The CloudSME simulation platform and its applications: A generic multi-cloud platform for developing and executing commercial cloud-based simulations.

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Enabling Cloud-Based Computational Fluid Dynamics With a Platform-as-a-Service Solution.

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A Cloud-Based Simulation and Optimization Environment – SyMSpace, Summary of Proceedings, NAFEMS MultiPhysics Congress 2018, Budapest, Hungary.